How to find us

Agrandir le plan

Take the motorway "Autoroute du Sud" (A7) at south of Lyon, take the exit to "Chanas (towards Annonay).

Once in Annonay, follow the road-sign "toutes directions" and drive towards "Le Puy".

When in Villevocance ( 9 km away from Annonay), drive through the village and once you have left the village, take the first road on your right towards "Vanosc".

After driving through Vanosc (3.5 km away from Villevocance), take the road opposite the cemetary (indicated by a road-sign reading "La Rivière - Préau"), drive for 4 km always keeping the valley on your left.

After having driven across two small bridges, through a wood and having choosen left road at each cross-road (around 3 kms), you are to find our sign "Les gites de Luc et Cécile" in Chazeaux le bas.

Take the the small path (mind the sharp curve: you'd better shift to the first gear and take a run up ! )

It is not the first house with purple shutters you will see on your right. "Les gites de Luc et Cécile" are to be found at the end of the path, once you have passed the mail-box at the left curve.

Drive slowly straight ahead and there you are !


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