"A form of art that is alive must not duplicate the past but go on with it" ( Auguste Rodin )

For your entertainment, you will find available:

  • - The pool to take a swim among ferns, roses and foxgloves
  • - Maps for trekking in the surrounding area (Paths have been marked by the national trekking association in the immediate neighbourhood of the lodgings).
  • - A 5000 m² large garden that has been divided into various yards where you can rest, take a walk or read in a reclining chair enjoying the fresh air of the Ardeche mountains.
  • - The Malbuisson river running by the house where you may angle trouts.
  • - A lot of mountain-bikes
  • - Archery material
  • - Bowls
  • - Games (e.g. cards, chess, Scrabble)
  • - A reading room with an extensive range of books on the shelves

You may then enjoy the landscape, smell such rare flowers as wild orchids, taste various berries, gather mushrooms in Autumn. You could for instance enjoy abundant local heritage sites such as the castles in Gerlande or Rivoire, the "Calvaire du Cluzot", the chapel in St Nizier-la Croix du Feltin. Let yourself get fascinated buy the gorgeous view on the Vocance Valley where your eye can reach as far as the Mont Blanc.

A wide range of sports and activities can be practiced at different times in the year:

  • - horse riding
  • - ski-trekking
  • - ski slopes are only a one-hour ride away from the lodgings
  • - mountain climbing
  • - balloon rides (Annonay is the birth-place of the Montgolfier brothers)
  • - delta-planes
  • - golf in Gournay (in the outskirt of Annonay)

From 5 to 50 kms away, many different places of interest are to be found for your greatest pleasure:

  • - Sculpture courses in Vanosc : .
  • - the Jazz festival in Vienna (a 45-minutes ride will get you there) from the end of June to mid-July
  • - the drama festival in Annonay , the last week-end in June
  • - the first-film festival in Annonay, in May

Our site, being located only 50 kms away from St Etienne and Valence and 90 kms away from Lyon, gives access to an even wider field of cultural activities:

  • - Places of interest typical from the Vocance and Haut-Vivarais areas
  • - Museums (e.g. Canson or Filhol in Annonay)
  • - Safari in Peaugres
  • - The "palais idéal du Facteur Cheval" in Hauterives
  • - The picturesque train of the "Haut Vivarais"
  • - The reservoir of Annonay
  • - The Deveces Lake (where windsurfs and canoes are available)
  • - The St Pierre de Boeuf river (kayaks)

and many other places that are yet to be discovered end enjoyed !...